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Gain confidence in Ociswap's security and transparency through third-party audit reports
Ociswap places a high priority on the security and trustworthiness of its platform, aiming to provide a safe and reliable decentralized exchange experience. To achieve this, we have engaged the services of HACKEN, a renowned cybersecurity firm, to conduct thorough audits of Ociswap's components.
HACKEN has a proven track record in auditing blockchain projects and their expertise and thorough approach to smart contract audits have been instrumental in identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in Ociswap's components.
By undergoing these audits, Ociswap's goal is to enhance the security of its platform and offer its users peace of mind when utilising Ociswap. The audit process involves a review of the components, ensuring that they adhere to best practices and industry standards.
HACKEN's team of experienced auditors assess the code for potential security risks, bugs, and other issues. Their valuable insights and recommendations enable Ociswap to make necessary improvements and further strengthen the integrity of the platform.
Ociswap believes in transparency and accountability, especially in the decentralized finance space. As such, Ociswap plans to make the audit reports publicly available for review once they have been conducted.