Learn about Ociswap's SPLASH NFT.

The SPLASH 2.0 system will only commence after the involved components have been audited by Hacken. The code has already been submitted, meaning the audit is currently pending.

$SPLASH is a non-fungible token (NFT) that contains voting power. This voting power is based on the duration and amount of OCI tokens that are locked in dedicated SPLASH pools. The holders can use this power to vote on the platform's gauges. These gauges determine the distribution of $oOCI incentives across Ociswap's liquidity pools.


  • Gauge Voting: holders are granted the opportunity to cast their votes on a weekly basis, influencing the allocation of PURR emissions for the subsequent .

  • Accumulate Pool Fees: all voters share 10% of the fees that are accumulated in the pool they voted for.

  • Bribe Revenue: voters share 100% of the bribes that were assigned to the pools they voted for.

  • Governance Rights: holders are contributing to the platform's ongoing development by participating in governance processes, including casting votes on proposed protocol enhancements. This feature is to be implemented at a later stage.

Lock Duration

To promote long-term involvement and loyality, the $SPLASH voting power diminishes as time progresses, hitting zero by the time the underlying tokens are unlocked.

Participants choosing longer token-locking periods benefit from greater voting sway on the platform's gauges (more info). This arrangement rewards lasting commitment and builds a more resilient governance structure, as the lock-up period makes participants more inclined to cast votes that support the advancement and interests of the protocol, rather than those which may negatively impact its overall progress and functionality.

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