Smart AI bot for all your Ociswap and Radix queries!

Ocibot is currently downloading updates and is expected to return with new features soon.

About Ocibot

Ocibot is an intelligent GPT-4 chatbot designed to provide answers to questions about Radix and Ociswap. While it is currently available on Discord and Telegram, there are plans to expand its functionality even further in the future.

Ocibot is an excellent resource for both newcomers and experienced members of the Radix ecosystem, offering accurate responses to a wide range of queries. Its quick question-answering capabilities make it a valuable tool for users at all levels of familiarity with Radix and Ociswap.

What does Ocibot know?

We have trained Ocibot to have more specific knowledge about the Radix and Ociswap ecosystem than any regular AI bot. Ocibot has studied the following sources:

Ocibot also knows the current time, although it may not live in the same time zone as the user.

Try using prompts like:

  • "What is a DEX, and is Ociswap one?"

  • "What is atomic composability, and why is it important?"

  • "Who is the CEO of Radix?"

  • "How many days until the Babylon upgrade?"

  • "Write a poem about Ociswap where each line starts with a letter of the word "Ociswap"

Limitations of Ocibot

Ocibot leverages the advanced capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-4 model, which enables sophisticated reasoning and intelligent responses. Our team is dedicated to ensuring Ocibot is equipped with accurate and up-to-date information. However, it is important to note that Ocibot may occasionally provide responses that are inaccurate or incorrect. Please be aware that Ocibot is not a source of financial advice and should not be relied upon for making investment decisions.

How to use Ocibot


To interact with Ocibot on Discord, you can send a direct message (DM) after joining the Ociswap Discord or you can use the following commands in any server:


  • /ask-ocibot : Ask Ocibot a one-off question anywhere. To use this command, type /ask-ocibot followed by your query.

/ask-ocibot What is concentrated liquidity?
  • /lang : Change Ocibot's language. Type /lang followed by your language preference to set it. In servers, the /lang command can be used to set the language in a whole server. In specific channels, the language can also be overridden by using /lang.

/lang Pirate speak
  • /clear-dm : Clear your direct message chat history with Ocibot.

  • /help : Get help from Ocibot. Type /help to see a list of commands. Type /help followed by the name of a command for more information about that specific command.

/help ask-ocibot


To interact with Ocibot on Telegram, you can send a message to Ocibot directly or use the following commands:


  • /lang : Change Ocibot's language. Type /lang followed by your language preference to set it. This works both in DM as well as in group chats. To change the language in a group chat, you must have admin rights.

/lang French
  • /clear : Let Ocibot forget your history and settings.

  • /help : Get help from Ocibot.


To ask Ocibot a one-off question in a group, tag the bot in your message.

@ocicatbot What is atomic composability? Why is it important?

Now you are ready to interact with Ocibot on both Discord and Telegram. Don't hesitate to ask any questions about Radix and Ociswap, and enjoy the conversation!

If you have any further questions regarding Ocibot, please feel free to reach out to our team in the Discord server or Telegram group. We also appreciate bug reports and welcome your feedback in these channels, as it helps us continuously improve Ocibot's performance and user experience.

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