🔥Project Ignition

Project Ignition is an initiative dedicated to enhance liquidity provision in the Radix ecosystem.

Project Ignition is a $10 million liquidity initiative for the Radix Network aimed at enhancing liquidity for key digital assets such as $USDC, $USDT, $wBTC, and $ETH.

Core Concepts of Project Ignition: (full details and terms & conditions)

  • Liquidity Matching: for every dollar provided as liquidity in $USDC, $USDT, $wBTC, and $ETH, an equal amount of $XRD is added. This effectively doubles the liquidity on offer.

  • Trading Fees: liquidity providers not only earn trading fees over the amount they provided but also over the matched amount.

  • Upfront XRD Rewards: liquidity providers receive an immediate bonus in $XRD after locking the provided tokens. Depending on the chosen lock-up period, this bonus can amount to 20% of the provided liquidity.

  • Impermanent Loss Protection: liquidity providers are safeguarded from $XRD impermanent loss and are guaranteed asset value protection against outperformance of the provided asset relative to $XRD.

🔥 Ociswap's Ignition Bonus

Ociswap offers an extra 4 million $OCI as bonus to liquidity providers that participate in Project Ignition through the Ociswap platform. This additional bonus will be distributed pro rata over the course of 8 weeks at a rate of 500k $OCI per week.

  • All Ignition liquidity providers are eligible for liquidity incentives from the SPLASH campaigns.

  • Every Ignition liquidity position qualifies for the regular SPLASH liquidity incentives.

How to Participate?

  1. Download and install the Radix Wallet and Connector extension.

  2. Connect your Radix Wallet to Ociswap and navigate to the Ignition landing page.

  3. Choose the token you wish to provide liquidity for. Available options are $xUSDC, $xUSDT, $xwBTC, and $xETH. If you don't have these tokens, scroll down for instructions.

  4. Set the amount you wish to provide.

  5. Set the lock-up duration. The longer the duration, the higher the claimable bonus.

  6. Click 'Lock & Claim Reward' to receive your bonus.

How to acquire $xUSDC, $xUSDT, $xwBTC, and/or $xETH?

  • Method I: Swap$XRD for any of these tokens via Ociswap

  • Method II: Bridge them onto the Radix Network via Instabridge (KYC required) or via Keyrock (KYC required, min. 50k USD)

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