An introduction to Ociswap and the Ociverse.


Ociswap is a decentralised exchange (DEX) being built on the Radix Network. Scheduled to release with the highly anticipated Babylon update, Ociswap features a user-friendly swap environment that provides a fast, smooth and inexpensive trading experience. With a potent combination of concentrated and protocol owned liquidity, Ociswap seeks to deliver a capital-efficient protocol that mitigates the occurrence of impermanent loss.
Since its inception in November '21, Ociswap started running extensive community-building campaigns, introduced the intuitive Ociswap cDEX and emerged as a leading pioneer in the Radix Ecosystem. Ociswap is proudly participating in the first cohort of the Radix Grants Program.


Ociswap's vision is to empower anyone to easily and securely exchange their digital assets wherever they are, whenever they desire to, and at a minimal cost.


Ociswap aspires to become the Radix Ecosystem's flagship DEX by delivering a feature-rich and convenient platform that elevates the trading experience to the next level. The cultivation of a vibrant, enticing and intriguing community around the platform is regarded to be essential.


The Ociswap project is named after the ocicat breed, which also serves as our mascot. Ocicat lives on the Radix ledger and is in charge of the buckets that efficiently route all your tokens from vault to vault.

Brand Image

Ociswap considers memes to be a compelling and unifying instrument that we can leverage to build our community and market our platform. The team aims to utilise memes and the Ocicat mascot to differentiate itself from the mundane ‘corporate’ character and present itself as a devoted yet lighthearted and whimsy project.



Christoph Heuermann
Florian Pieper
Lukas Steffen
Christoph (33) is the founder and the face of Staatenlos. After studying administrative sciences, he gave up his residence in Germany at the age of 24 to travel to all countries of the world, to position himself optimally according to the flag theory and to advise others to do the same.
Staatenlos has since turned into a business that generated millions in sales and amassed an online community with over 20,000 followers. Christoph actively blogs about his travels and is an avid reader, but is also no stranger to cryptocurrencies.
In the past years, Christoph wrote numerous articles on the usage of crypto while traveling, attended several crypto conferences around the globe and offers crypto consultancy services.
Area of expertise: legal and business establishment
Florian (31, Germany) is an experienced senior developer with a background in computer science focusing on backend development and machine learning.
He is Ociswap's tech lead and responsible for developing the smart contracts and analytics backend and leading the way in major technical decisions. This especially includes researching and drafting the theoretical concept of the exchange mechanics.
Florian is also a well known part of the Radix community for his analysis of other major layer 1 networks which made the decision to build Ociswap on Radix an easy one. Employing Radix's unique advantage Scrypto as smart contract language to drastically reduces the risk for hacks and exploits.
Area of expertise: back-end and smart contract development
Lukas (31, Germany) is an experienced online marketeer and IT salesperson that traveled all over the world for three years to feed his wanderlust.
Carrying just a small backpack and his notebook, he not only discovered the most beautiful places on earth but also met loads of unique people. This helped him come up with new business ideas for the online marketing space.
During his journey in 2017, Lukas was completely immersed in the crypto world and even hosted an online conference with well-known Digital Nomads, covering the topic of cryptocurrencies.
Having left the nomad lifestyle behind, he started a new journey in 2021 after hearing about Radix from Christoph Heuermann. This led to him co-founding the Staatenlos Node and subsequently meeting Marco and Florian in the Radix chats.
The latter two approached Lukas about co-founding Ociswap, which he personally describes as being one of the best decisions in his life. Since November '21, Lukas is passionately spreading the word about Radix and Ociswap. Both online and offline.
Area of expertise: partnerships, marketing, social media and community management
Marco (40+, Spain) has over twenty years of entrepreneurial and webmaster experience and is the founder of the Radix German Group. Marco can be described as a positive thinker and the epitome of tranquility.
Since the start of his crypto journey back in 2017, he always had the dream to start his own project. Out of all the layer-1 protocols, Marco firmly believes that Radix provides the best foundation to make that dream become reality. This resulted in the birth of Ociswap.
With the help of his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, Marco takes on a key role when strategic decisions have to be made. Additionally, he is actively involved in our marketing efforts and is the driving force behind the design of our flyers and website.
Overall, the success of Radix and delivering an exceptional user experience with Ociswap is paramount to him.
Area of expertise: organisation, strategy and design


Tobias K
Tobias R
Front-End Development Alina (26) managed to turn her hobby into her profession and has over ten years of experience as a developer. She plays a vital role in the front-end development of Ociswap and is able to accurately implement any design template to give our website its magical touch. Aside from being a skilled front-end developer, she is also no stranger to back-end development.
Marketing and Communication
Back-End Development
Bot Developer Daan is currently studying computer science at the University of Amsterdam, and brings with him a wealth of experience in programming, computer graphics/3D art, machine learning and more. After discovering crypto in 2017, he found Radix two years ago and immediately joined the community. Daan will be mainly developing Ocibot and adding new functionality, but he is willing to help out wherever needed. He has prior experience working with Scrypto and is running a validator in the Netherlands called Krulk’s Meganode.
Scrypto Developer
Scrypto Developer
Gunther hails from Europe and is a developer with a repertoire of several languages, including C, Rust, Python and Julia. Coming from a physics background, he has strong math and technical skills as well as complementary interests in AI, astronomy and biology. He especially loves research, crunching numbers, doing statistics and plotting nice graphs! In the computing space, he has experience of working on smart contracts as well as frontend and numerical computing.
Besides a love of sports (mainly running and working out), Gunther is a geography enthusiast, a keen traveller and a student of world cultures. He joined the Ociswap team in January 2023 and is also working on our smart contract implementation.
Scrypto Developer
Nadev (35) is a Senior Software Engineer with a strong technical and business background. He holds an Executive MBA from Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, as well as a Master's degree in Management & Organization.
While working at an S&P 500 Fintech company, Nadev actively participated in blockchain hackathons, winning several prizes, and subsequently discovered Radix and Scrypto. After discussing the Ociswap project with Florian, he decided to join the team and is already working on the implementation of our smart contracts.
Social Media


Ociswap is actively supporting the security of the Radix network by running a high quality validator node. All proceeds from the network emissions will be used to fund further development and continuous improvement of Ociswap's services.
Ocinode validator address: rv1qtu7r2f82qmzphsgw5mug3vzxenzfwrhpyf9rja5ckp2k06ca5duu63guaa


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