OCI Token

More utility to be announced!
The official OCI token has the following unique RRI: oci_rr1qws04shqrz3cdjljdp5kczgv7wd3jxytagk95qlk7ecquzq8e7

Utility Token

OCI-tokens constitute an essential asset on the Ociswap platform and will play a key role in the Ociverse. These tokens embody ownership over the decentralised exchange, which in turn allows holders to actively supervision the project and its direction via governance proposals by voting in the on-chain governance system. The fine details of this governance system will be published in due time.
The utility of the OCI-tokens isn't limited to governance, as it will be weaved into the upcoming services and functionality that the Ociswap platform will offer. These unique features and holder-benefits are still under development and will be revealed in the months leading up to the Radix Babylon update.



The Ociswap team has consciously decided to abstain from a presale, but instead support its community as much as possible by distributing the tokens through exciting events and liquidity rewards.

Vesting and Emission Schedules

Details on vesting and bonding curves aren't set in stone yet. These will be published at a later stage.