Liquidity Mining as a Service
The Ociswap LMaaS module is the first extension of the ever-evolving SPLASH-campaign. It can be considered the solution to any DeFi project on the Radix Network that seeks to boost their token liquidity and enhance price stability, without having to design a full-fledged liquidity mining campaign. The LMaaS module eliminates this time-consuming hurdle, allowing projects to enter the Radix market more efficiently while retaining focus on their own project.
By partaking in the complimentary LMaaS initiative, projects gain access to the SPLASH liquidity mining toolkit, which enables them to seamlessly incentivise their token's liquidity on the Ociswap cDEX.

Pre-Babylon Liquidity Mining

The LMaaS module will be centralised until the introduction of Radix Babylon. In practice, this implies that Ociswap will oversee your liquidity incentives prior to distributing them to the liquidity providers of your project's liquidity pool.
To safeguard the integrity of our operations, all transactions relating to the LMaaS initative can be monitored at the following address:
All the assets in the abovementioned address will be distributed to the liquidity providers of the corresponding pools, alongside the SPLASH-cycle rewards. This enables users to easily identify which projects are providing additional liquidity incentives for the SPLASH-cycle that's currently active.

Joining Ociswap LMaaS

This service is offered free of charge to any Radix project. If you're interested or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected], Telegram or Discord.