✨┃Launch Details

Information about the launch of Radix Babylon and the Ociswap DEX

From Olympia to Babylon

The Babylon update is a significant milestone for the Radix Public Network, enhancing its capabilities and providing a more powerful ecosystem. It introduces high-end programmability, an innovative execution engine, a refreshed transaction model, and improved capabilities for native assets. For more information on the Babylon Upgrade, see the official FAQ by Radix.
As part of the Babylon update, the existing prototype of Ociswap was phased out. Instead, a fully decentralized and feature-rich version of the platform has been launched. This new platform offers a wide range of functionalities, providing users with an improved trading experience and expanded capabilities.

Staged Rollout

As highlighted in a recent blog post, Ociswap adopts a deliberate strategy to roll out features and functionalities over several weeks to months. This staged approach is designed to be both secure and user-centric, while aligning the project with the ecosystem's growth and evolution. Ociswap opted for a staged rollout for the following reasons:
  • Pending Audits: before any new features and components are introduced, it's essential that they are secure and free from vulnerabilities.
  • One Step at a Time: simultaneously releasing multiple features can overwhelm users and potentially mask issues that may arise with individual features. A staged approach ensures that each feature can be monitored independently, while reducing the risk of conflicts and bugs arising from simultaneous integrations.
  • Iterative Learning and Refinement: staged rollouts provide an opportunity for Ociswap's team to gather real-time feedback. Every stage becomes a learning curve, with insights gathered guiding tweaks and enhancements.
  • Unchartered Territory: Ociswap is still exploring its potential and navigating its early challenges. By introducing features in stages, Ociswap can calibrate its offerings based on the evolving dynamics and needs that arise within the Radix community.