How to Swap

Teaching you how to swap the meow-y way!


After you have succesfully connected your wallet, you can proceed to use our cDEX. Follow the steps down below to swap.


Select the coin you wish to sell by using the dropdown menu and set the amount. You can hit 'MAX' if you wish to sell all of this particular coin.


Select the coin you wish to obtain by using the dropdown menu. An estimation of the amount you will receive is displayed to the right.

Slippage (optional)

The slippage tolerance will be set to 0,5% by default. This setting will safeguard you from being negatively affected by volatile price fluctuations caused by other traders.
You can access the slippage settings by clicking the cogwheel in the topright corner. Adjusting the slippage tolerance will affect the minimum amount you will receive.


Proceed by clicking on 'SWAP' at the bottom of the interface.
You will be prompted to confirm the swap after that. Please check again if you the amount are correct.
Subsequently, this will prompt a message by Z3US to approve the transaction.
After hitting 'Approve' in Z3US Wallet, your funds will be sent to our cDEX and swapped for the specified output tokens. Congratulations on your swap!