How to Remove Liquidity

Retrieving your assets from the Ociswap liquidity pools.
Liquidity providers may be exposed to impermanent loss during large and sustained movement in the underlying asset price. Until Babylon, the liquidity pools are centralised and thus in custody of Ociswap. If you encounter issues, please contact us at [email protected]

Video Guide


Start off by connecting your wallet and navigate to the "Liquidity" page.
Click on the "My Liquidity" tab and select the pair you wish to remove liquidity from. In this example we'll be removing liquidity from the XRD/OCI pool. Proceed by clicking "Remove".
Adjust the slider or click one of the buttons to set the amount you wish to take out of the liquidity pool. Afterwards, proceed by clicking "Remove".
Removing LP means that you will return your LP-tokens to the pool. After checking the proposed transaction, hit "Confirm send".
You have now sucessfully removed liquidity from the pool. The corresponding tokens and accrued fees have been sent to your wallet.