How to Add Liquidity

The first step to earning the meow-y way!
In this guide you will learn how to add liquidity to the Ociswap cDEX pools. As a liquidity provider, you will receive LP-tokens that enable you to earn a portion of the swap fees.
Liquidity providers may be exposed to impermanent loss during large and sustained movement in the underlying asset price. For your own calculation it should be around 25% IL in the event of a 5x price change. Until Babylon, the liquidity pools are centralised and thus in custody of Ociswap. If you encounter issues, please contact us at [email protected]

Video Guide


Start off by connecting your wallet and navigate to the "Liquidity" page.
Liquidity must always be provided in a pair of two tokens. In this example the pair XRD/OCI will be used. Select the pair you wish to provide liquidity for by using the dropdown menu.
Liquidity must be provided in accordance to the current ratio of the pool. Setting the amount of token A (XRD), will automatically adjust the amount of token B (OCI). After you have selected the amounts, proceed by clicking "Supply" at the bottom.
Confirm that the displayed information is correct and hit "Add Liquidity" to proceed.
Double-check in Z3US if the correct tokens and the correct amounts are being sent to the pool. If everything is right, proceed by clicking "Confirm send".
Congratulations, you have now added liquidity to an Ociswap cDEX pool! An overview of the liquidity you have provided is available under the "My Liquidity" tab.