All radix wallets that are compatible with Ociswap and the OCI-token.

Community Wallets

The following wallets have been created by teams of the Radix community. A feature-comparison is available at the RadixTalk forum.
Browser Extensions
Z3US web3 wallet
Z3US - An open source UX driven wallet for Radix DLT
Currently, only the XIDAR and Z3US wallets (Chrome/Firefox/Kiwi) are able to directly connect to the Ociswap cDEX!
Mobile Wallet

Official Wallet

The official Radix Desktop Wallet, as provided by RDX Works.
Radix Wallet
The official Radix Desktop Wallet only supports the manual swap method pre-Babylon!
Ociswap can not be held responsible for anything that happens when using the above wallets. Use them at your own discretion. Never share your private keys!