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What is OCI?
OCI is the decentralised governance token of the upcoming Ociswap DEX. It embodies ownership over the decentralised exchange and enables active supervision by the community.
For more info, see OCI Token
Is there a presale?
No. The team has decided to abstain from holding a presale and make the OCI token widely available to the community.
Which token is required for gas?
Ociswap resides on the Radix Network. This network uses $XRD as gas fee.
What is Radix (XRD)?
"Radix DLT is a public ledger dedicated to helping DeFi builders get everything they need to obsolete traditional finance and decentralise the 360T dollar global financial market." - Piers Ridyard | CEO @ RDX Works, 2021 Radx aims to fulfill this task by building a decentralised network that scales without friction and by providing an incredible tech stack: - Cerberus: a unique consensus protocol that achieves parallelisation of transactions through braided synchronisation of consensus across the involved shards whilst preserving cross-shard atomic composability. - Radix Engine: a programmable DeFi-engine that allows for safe DeFi at a massive scale by taking an asset-oriented, FSM-based approach to financial assets and dApps. - Scrypto: an innovative Rust-based framework (programming language) purpose built to make the life of DeFi developers more efficient, more secure and more rewarding. To learn more about Radix, click here.
Where to buy XRD?
For an overview of where to buy $XRD, please refer to either CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap.
How do I (un)stake XRD?
Both staking and unstaking of XRD are done directly from your Radix Wallet. For a step-by-step guide, please refer to this article. Radix Validator addresses can be found in the validator table. Staking to one of our partner nodes may be beneficial during our staking airdrops.
What is the Ocinode validator address?
Where can I see a list of all OCI holders?
The full list of holders is available at our partner RadixScan.
Can I store my OCI and XRD on my ledger?
Yes, the Radix Network is available on Ledger Live via developer mode. To learn more, click here.
Wen Airdrop?
There's no public schedule, so keep an eye on our announcement channels.