Info on the Ociswap airdrop campaigns.
Ociswap is distributing 24% of the $OCI-supply (24 million $OCI tokens) to community members. This is done through airdrop events that can be classified as either community or staking airdrops.
  • Community Airdrops
In general, events that are classified as 'Community Airdrops' are more accessible to participants that are new to the Radix Ecosystem. These events often require participants to perform a specific task, such as composing a Tweet, solving a puzzle or even playing a mobile game. If the participant completes this task within the specified timeperiod, he/she will be rewarded with an $OCI airdrop.
Seeing as each community airdrop is unique and varies in complexity, it is of the utmost importance that participants read the instructions and requirements with great care and attention.
All new airdrops will be communicated in our announcement channels on Twitter, Discord, Reddit and Telegram!
  • Staking Airdrops
19th of October 2022, Since the final Staking Airdrop of October 10th, the Staking Airdrops have been put on hold and replaced by the large-scale airdrop campaign called SPLASH.
But fear not, as staking to any of our partner nodes may still be beneficial in future airdrops!
The 'Staking Airdrops' are distributed at more or less monthly intervals to those who are staking $XRD. The amount you receive through this type of airdrop is based on varying factors (e.g. the amount of stake that is registered, the amount that is being distributed or even a min/max system). Until now, every staking airdrop had a unique formula, so there's no way to predict how much you will receive. A general rule of thumb is: the more you stake, the more you receive. Staking Bonus Based on the moment you delegate stake and to which node, you may qualify for a bonus percentage during staking airdrops. Staking to one of our Partnerswill generally net you an additional 10% $OCI. However, the following three nodes may grant you a larger bonus: - Ocinode: 50% bonus if stakeshare < 1%, 25% bonus if stakeshare < 2%. - Florian Pieper Staking: 25% bonus if stakeshare < 2%. - Staatenlos Node: 25% bonus if stakeshare < 2%.

Airdrop Schedule

There is no public schedule for Ociswap airdrops. This is done to prevent people from gaming the system and further ensure a fair distribution.

Airdrop Support

Participants have until 24 hours after the distribution announcement to notify the team about not receiving the airdrop or receiving the incorrect amount. Any support inquiries after this 24 hour deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Airdrop Registration

In order to participate in the Ociswap airdrop events, your Radix wallet address must be registered in the Ocicatbot on Telegram. Registration of your Twitter handle may also be required for specific events.

Ocicatbot Instructions

  1. 1.
    Initiate the bot by sending/start . You will now see all the available commands.
2. Register your wallet by typing/wallet followed by your Radix address (starting with rdx1). You can register multiple wallets by separating each address with a space. Running the command again will overwrite the previous registration.
3. Register your Twitter account by typing/twitter myusername (with or without "@"). Running this command again will overwrite the previous registration. If you get an error stating that your Twitter is unable to be registered, kindly send a DM to our Twitter with your TG handle.
Other commands like /iwantoci or /merchorder are only required in special scenarios. This will be specifically stated in the airdrop announcements.

Privacy-oriented Alternative

If you're looking for a more private way to register for our staking airdrops, then you may send #OciStaker to the following wallet address: rdx1qspwv9l3ls4lxwkrqrrvtwdskg2hjue0ywpfqlxvj5pzpalvlext5hq5fl2u6
We highly value your privacy. The wallet and Twitter information is handled as discretely and confidentially as possible by storing it in a secure database and only granting access to the team member that is responsible for the airdrop distributions.